Miss you

It's like one and a half year since we stopped talk, it's kind of a long time actually. But I must say that I still miss you, still miss all your texts, your stupid jokes and all your warm hugs. Miss the way that you always were there for me, and told me that you would stand up for me no matter what.
You was the only one I trusted til' 100 percent, the one I would do everything for. And I totally did, it just went wrong and didn't end the way it should. I couldn't regret that misstake more, and I hope you know I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry that I hurted you, and I'm so sorry that I let you go that day. 
This can for you guys who reads this might sound a little wierd and I totally understands that, it's just that I still miss my best friend, or the one who was my best friend.
I'm working to forget, but it isn't so easy, cause four years you doesn't wipe away like a week. And now that time is over, I've new friends, who loves me (I hope... ;) ) and I'm moving on.
Just give me some time and I'm going to leave this behind me.
Al my love xoxo

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