Back for a while...

Hey guys,
I'm really sorry that I haven't post anything for like s days now... But ghave had so much to do so I've totally forgot about the blog... Heheh, really sorry actually!
Just wanted to tell you guys that I'm leaving for Stockholm tomorrow with my angel Julia, going to ba totally amazing!! On sunday we will go to Gröna Lund to see the one and only Danny Saucedo, it's sick how much I miss that guy! Yeah, so I can tell that I'm not going to have so much time to do some posts for you guys, but I hope you'll understand that :). Will give you lots of photos and all that when I'm back home again :).
And just one more thing, remember I said I was supposed to post the list in both swedish and english, haven't had the time to fix it, but hopefully I will fix the translation next week. Heheh... I know I'm lazy... hehe. Yeah, but until that I'll have the list posted in just Swedish, cause I have already wrote them.... ;)
Love to this guy <3

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